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Game Overview

Become a world tycoon in Billion Marble, a real-estate board game similar to Monopoly. Buy, sell and manage property around the world!

Your goal in this game is to bankrupt the other opponents by taking over enough land and collecting money when your opponents land on the spaces. Play with up to 4 players including AI opponents. Each player starts with 20 million gold. Players take turns rolling the dice, moving their piece and performing actions on the board such as Buy/Sell or drawing cards with further actions on them.

There are a variety of types of squares on the board. Here is a breakdown of all the special types of spaces.
Start - When passing start, you’ll receive your paycheck and/or taxes.
Angel of Donations - You may receive a special bonus!
Desert Island - Skip three turns, or pay the escape fee.
Airfield - Transport to a different square.
Surprise Box - Draw a surprise card for further actions.
Tourist Spot - A special location to own where the value increases the more you visit.
Invention (orange squares) - Buy patents to new inventions. The more you own, the more value they have.


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