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Site Updates:

Starting Mid March, we are beginning a 3-phase project to restructure the ArcadeThunder website. In doing so, we will be branching off our site into 3 sites. Many of our games will be shuffled between the 3 sites, while others will be deactivated due to low usage.

Phase 1: (This is where we are now) -- After much analytical research, we have decided to deactivate many of our least popular games, which includes most of the Flash Games. We are compiling a list that will include a rundown of all the games leaving the site forever. For 99.9% of our players, this really won't be a big deal. When's the last time you played Splat 'Em? or Line Rider? Exactly :-)

Phase 2: We will announce the two new sites, and begin moving some of our less-played games from ArcadeThunder to these new sites. Our goal with this is to keep only the games that our players enjoy on a daily basis. We know it's annoying to scroll through pages of games with 0 players online to find your favorites. Most of these games simply don't fit the demographic that plays on this site, even though they are still fun games. One of these sites will take over many of the games that are designed more for mobile play, while the other site will be more of a hodge-podge site, similar to how this one is now. This site will be left with only the best games from the last (almost) 11 years... Think games like Just Words, Letter Garden, Bejeweled HD, Bubble Town, Text Twist 2, etc. A list of where each game will be moving to will be available soon.

Phase 3: The ArcadeThunder site layout will receive some changes. We aren't planning anything too major, mainly just moving some things to bring your favorite games front and center on all of our pages while enlarging some of our icons and text to make things easier to read. More on this coming later this year.

Known Issues:

All Games and features are working properly


Q: How do I save my Progress in a game?
A: Many of our games have a built-in system to save your progress. Your progress is then saved until you clear your temporary internet files/cookies.

Q: Why won't my game load?
A: All of our games use HTML5 technology to run. This does not require any old plugins such as Flash or Java, and is supported by all modern browsers. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a Windows 7 or later PC to play our games. A mobile version of our site is also available for phone and tablet users.

Q: Can I Log In to ArcadeThunder?
A: No, we do not offer our own login system. Some of our games allow you to login or create a username within the game, which is game specific.

Q: Does ArcadeThunder create their own games?
A: Our games are created by 3rd party companies to be published on sites such as ArcadeThunder.

Q: How can I request a Game?
A: Many of the games that we add come from requests! If you have an idea for a game that should be added to this site,
Request It Here!

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