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Trouble Loading Flash Games on Google Chrome browser? Get "Flash Player Blocked" Message? CLICK HERE for steps to allow Flash Player to Work!

CLICK HERE for a list of 52 old Flash Games retiring on September 10th

Welcome! Click Here to use the Contact Form if you're having trouble using the site. Be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Known Issues sections below first.

Flash Game Retirements: In an ongoing effort to keep this site modern and accessible for as many players as possible, we have removed many of our older, less popular Flash-based games. Click Here for a list of games removed on May 20th and Click Here for a list of games removed on August 1st. Adobe Flash Player will be completely obsolete by 2020. We will continue to support our most popular Flash games for as long as possible.

CLICK HERE for a list of 52 old Flash Games retiring on September 10th

Flash Games not loading? CLICK HERE for directions to enable Flash in Google Chrome or CLICK HERE for directions to enable flash in Mozilla Firefox.

Known Issues:

10/16/2019: Where is Bookworm?
Bookworm has been discontinued due a request from EA (Electronic Arts), who owns the Bookworm game. Don't fret, there are currently 35 other available Word Games to play, with more on the way. See all Word Games Here.

08/12/2019: "Flash Player Blocked" message in Flash Games
Google Chrome has recently launched an update blocking Adobe Flash Player by default. This is another step in phasing out Adobe Flash Player by 2020. Click Here for a work-around to get your Flash Games to working again.

07/31/2019: Daily Hidden Object screen cut off
An update was made to the game that was causing the bottom portion of the game to be cut off for some users. This has been fixed. If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact us with your operating system and browser information.

07/24/2019: Server Updates / Downtime
Server updates were completed around 11PM Eastern Time which caused about an hour of downtime. We are sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused. The downtime was unexpected, and has been resolved.

05/20/2019: Letter Garden locking up after Round 1
We have had reports of Letter Garden locking up after round 1. We have discovered that this happens when using an ad blocking program. Please disable any adblockers, and try again.

Common Questions:

Q: How do I save my Progress in a game?
A: Many of our games have a built-in system to save your progress. Your progress is then saved until you clear your temporary internet files/cookies.

Q: Why won't my game load?
A: Our games run on two different platforms - Flash or HTML5. Adobe Flash Player is a plugin used to load games, videos, and other animated files. Flash is becoming more obsolete, and is being replaced by HTML5, which doesn't require a plugin. Adobe Flash Player can be installed HERE. We also recommend using the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. A list of Flash and HTML5 games can be found by using the buttons in the top navigation bar.

Q: How can I request a Game?
A: Many of the games that we add come from requests! If you have an idea for a game that should be added to this site,
Request It Here!

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