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Game Overview

Play the classic Monopoly online. This free online version of Monopoly is just like the original board game that we all know and love. The goal in Monopoly is to move around the board, buy property and bankrupt the other players. Each player begins with $1500 and takes turns until going bankrupt. The last player left with cash wins the game.

Roll the dice and move around the board. Land on properties to buy them, or auction them off to other players. If the property is already owned by another player, you will owe them rent. Collect rent when other players land on your properties. Collecting all of the same colored properties in the block collects double rent, and allows you to build houses and hotels to increase the value in them.

Land on Community Chest or Chance to draw a card from their respective decks. These cards may advance your token around the board, collect or owe money, or contain other perks such as get out jail free cards.

View the in-game rules to learn the ins and outs of Monopoly!


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