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Link letters to spell words for points and to feed Lex's appetite in Bookworm, a classic online Word game. The goal in Bookworm is to form words to score points and climb the levels. Beware of burning tiles, as the game is over if one reaches the bottom.

Use special tiles in your words to score bonus points. These tiles are Green, Gold, Diamond and Sapphire - Each one earns you more points respectively. Watch out for burning tiles - These tiles drop after each turn and will burn the down the library, thus ending the game, if one reaches the bottom. Avoid burning tiles, score more points, and earn more special tiles by forming longer words.

Spell the bonus word for a huge score bonus! A bonus word shows below Lex beginning at level 2. Consecutively build bonus words to multiply your bonus!

As you spell words, the meter will fill. Once it is filled, you will move onto the next level. Each level gets tougher with more burning tiles, so keep spelling long words! If you get stuck, Tap Lex to scramble the letters - at a cost! A few burning tiles will appear at the top of the board for scrambling the letters.


Mouse Only




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