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Game Overview

Starts With is a letter-unscramble anagram game where your goal is to spell all of the hidden words using only the 6 given letters. Once you tap your first letter, See how many answers in the word list start with that letter.

The object of the game is to spell enough words to move onto the next round. Spell words to move the koala up the tree. Reach the flag at the goal to open the next level. Try to spell all of the words before moving onto the next level for bonus points. Some words provide bonus points for being found even if they are not found in the word list.

Play three different skill levels. Easy requires 60% of the words to be found in 4 minutes to advance to the next level. Medium requires 70% in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Hard requires 80% completion within 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Finding all of the words scores a completion bonus. Find a six letter word unlock the Coconut Letter Swap bonus. Bonus time is added after each word found.

During the Coconut Letter Swap bonus, the goal is to swap letters on a 3x3 board so that they read words correct left to right. Tap two letters to swap them. Spell all 3 words for bonus points. This round can be skipped.


Click or type letters to spell words, Press Enter to Submit




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