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Game Overview

Zoo Boom is a free online puzzle game where your goal is to tap matching animal cubes to clear them. Complete over 1,000 levels by completing goals before running out of moves. Use a variety of boosters and power ups to help you along the way!

Power ups are created by clearing larger groups of animals. A group of 5 or 6 creates the bee, which when tapped will clear an entire row or column of animals, based on the direction it is facing. A group of 7 or 8 animals creates a skunk. When tapped, the skunk will eliminate a 3x3 block of animals surrounding it. Clearing a group of 9 or more animals combines them into one with a rainbow ring surrounding it. Tapping this power up will clear all of the animals matching the one inside the ring. Tapping power ups that are touching other power ups combines them to create special reactions!

Earn up to 3 stars on each level by earning higher scores. Earn higher scores by using power ups, creating large groups and completing levels in as few moves as possible. Creating winning streaks also awards bonus points!

Losing a level costs a life. You begin with 5 lives, and having less than 5 will start a timer to regenerate lives for free. Additional lives can also be purchased with gold.

There are 3 chests available to collect on the home page over time: The level chest can be opened every 10 levels. The star chest can be opened every time you collect 20 stars. There is a third chest available that contains 50 gold, and is opened by watching an ad.

Pressing the gear icon in the bottom right opens the settings tab. Here you can change the language, mute the music and sound, and redeem bonus codes.

This game features login capabilities with Facebook, Google or E-Mail. Logging in saves your progress, and unlocks two new features: Tournaments and Weekly Races.


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