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Game Overview

Welcome to Snackjack! In this fast-paced Blackjack game, your goal is to lay cards in the 4 columns to create as many 21's as possible. Create 21's to feed your pig snacks and watch it grow!

Begin the game with a dealer card showing and 4 stacks to place cards in. Select one of the 4 stacks to place the dealer card. The object of the game is to earn snacks for the pig one of 4 different ways. The first away is scoring 21's. Aces count as 11 or 1, always in your favor. Face cards are worth 10. All other cards are face value. The second way to score is by getting 4-card straights (A-2-3-4, etc) The cards don't have to be played in order. The next way to score snacks is by getting a 5-card charlie. This is when you stack 5 cards in the same stack without going over 21. The final way to earn snacks is in the bonus game at the end of the round.

If there is only one card on a stack, it can be dragged onto another stack to merge the stacks. Busting a hand (going over 21) clears the stack with no score. There is a 70 second clock that starts after playing the first card. The game ends when the deck runs out of cards or time runs out.

At the end of the game comes the Dealer Bonus Game. The dealer will draw two cards. Each of your hands that beats his wins bonus points.

Collect enough snacks to move onto the next round. Extra snacks are bagged and saved for the next round. Get your pigs up to level 5 to send them to your farm. Collect ribbons for growing the biggest pigs around. Keep feeding them snacks!


Place cards in stacks using the mouse, 1-2-3-4 keys, or A-S-D-F keys.




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