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Play Gin Rummy online in this multiplayer version against real players or computer players. The objective of Gin to collect cards of the same value and sequences of cards of the same suit. 10 cards are dealt at the start of the hand. Players take turns drawing a card from the deck, or picking up the last discard card. The goal is to use as many of your cards in melds (Sets or Runs of 3). Any remaining cards are known as deadwood. Aces are worth 1 point, Face cards are 10 points, and all other cards are valued by numerical rank. After you pick up a card, you can Knock, Go Gin, or Discard. You can knock when you have 10 or less deadwood points in your hand after discarding a card. Say you knock with 4 points left in your hand (all of your other cards are used in melds), the hand ends and your opponents deadwood is added up. Say your opponent has 20 deadwood, you will earn 16 points (20-4=16). Go Gin by using all 10 of your cards in melds. Gin's are worth 20 points + your opponents deadwood. If you cannot knock or go gin, you can discard a card and play continues. The game is over when a player earns 100 points. For more detailed rules, press How to Play within the game.


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