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Game Overview

Pac-Xon Deluxe is a new take on the classic Pac-Man game where you have to build walls and entrap the ghosts. Building walls will fill empty space. The goal is to cover at least 80% of the board to complete the level without being hit by any ghosts.

As you play, various power ups will appear on the board. The power pellet turns the ghosts blue and allows you to eat them for a short amount of time, similar to classic Pac-Man. Collect a cherry to move faster. Collect an orange to slow the ghosts down. Collect a strawberry to freeze the ghosts for a few seconds.

You start with three lives. Gain an extra life after completing each level. Getting hit by a ghost, or if a ghost touches the wall your building before you connect it, you will lose a life. Pay attention to the different colored ghosts, as each of them will move around the board differently.

There are a total of 50 levels!


Arrow Keys: Move




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