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Spell as many words as possible using only the letters on the 4x4 cube in Word Cube, an addicting word game similar to Boggle! Word Cube brings 4 different game modes to play - Challenge, Versus, Offline and Friend. Challenge Mode is a daily game where everyone who plays the challenge is given the same puzzle. The player at the top of the leaderboard wins 50,000 coins! Challenge mode requires 500 coins to play. Versus Mode puts you up against another player to take turns spelling words from the same board. There is a 10 second timer on each turn. The player who doesn't spell a word in 10 seconds 4 times loses the game. The winner earns the coins that both players put in to play, which depends on which skill level is chosen. Offline Mode is a single player game that starts off with a puzzle and a 30 second timer. Spell as many words as possible as time runs out. As you spell words, you earn more time. The more points you earn, the more coins you will get which can be used in the other modes. Play with a friend mode lets you create your own room with a code, which you can share with a friend and have them type in to play against you. Visit the store to purchase skips and coins by watching videos. Check the leaderboards to see how you rank amongst the world in daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards.


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