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Neon Tetris has Moved!

This game is no longer available on ArcadeThunder, however it is available on our new site, TurnON Games!

We are in the process of launching two new sites, Breezy Games and TurnON Games. Our current Game Vault games will be distributed between these two sites, along with brand new games. Don't worry, plenty of new content is on the way for ArcadeThunder, too!

Click Here to play Neon Tetris at TurnON Games

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Game Overview

Neon Tetris is the classic Tetris game with a neon theme! Drop the shapes on the board and try to fill lines to clear them and score points. Clear enough lines to level up. With each level up, the blocks move down quicker. Don't let the blocks reach the top of the board.


Left/Right Arrows: Move Block | Down Arrow: Drop Block
Up Arrow or X: Rotate Clockwise | Z: Rotate Counter-Clockwise | Control: Swap | P: Pause


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