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Minesweeper Mania brings the classic Minesweeper game back, now with more settings and features. Customize the difficulty of the game by choosing a board size and the percentage of mines hidden within the board. You can also choose from different themes. The goal of Minesweeper is to reveal the entire board without clicking any of the mines. Use the numbers to determine how many mines are hidden around that square -- for example, a 2 means there are 2 mines surrounding that square (top, bottom, left, right or any of the 4 diagonals). If you know for sure where a mine is, you can right-click to place a flag there so that you don't accidentally click that square. Tap the smiley face at the top for a new puzzle, or the lightbulb at the bottom to reveal all of the mines for a second - You can only use the lightbulb once per game.


Click: Reveal Squares | Right Click: Place Flags


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