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Nov 9, 2021


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Game Overview

Fireboy & Watergirl are back with their sixth temple to explore! In Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairytales, you control both Fireboy and Watergirl separately to navigate through the levels, overcome obstacles and puzzles, avoid traps and try to get Fireboy to the red gem and Watergirl to the blue gem. Once both characters have their gem and stand in front of their door, they will walk through and the level is complete! In this edition of Fireboy & Watergirl, you will need the help of fairies! Activate different switches and powers by using the different colored fairies that match the colors on anything they are supposed to activate. The white fairy can activate any color switch. Collect all of the diamonds through out the 30 levels that are ready to be explored!


WASD: Control Watergirl | Arrow Keys: Control Fireboy | Mouse Click & Hold: Control Fairies


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