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Lunar Command is powered by Flash, a plugin that is becoming obsolete and will be completely unsupported by 2020. This game will be retiring from ArcadeThunder on May 20th, 2019.

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Jul 19, 2011


5.0 / 5



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Lunar Command is similar to the classic Missile Command arcade game, Protect your lunar base from a missile strike by shooting the incoming missiles. Watch for Red missiles, as they have the ability to split into 2 missiles. There are also a variety of drones that will invade, each with their own abilities such as decreasing the speed of your missiles, stealing missiles or decreasing your missiles radius. Shoot drones as quickly as possible to regain normal status. Two difficulty modes are available: Soft & Hard. You have 6 lunar bases to protect. If a lunar base is hit, the bases shield will be broken. If the base is hit a second time, the base is destroyed. Earn points for each missile you shoot, and for each intact base after each level. Earn Repair Points after each level, which can be used to repair damaged or destroyed bases. If missiles hit the ground on an already destroyed base, you will lose both Score Points and Repair Points.


Point & Click: Fire Missiles | Space Bar: Fire Megascud




Space  Flash

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